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Trust Your Gut, We Do the Rest

About Our Company

Trust Your Gut, We Do the Rest

What We Believe In

SAI Probiotics is committed to fusing the benefits of probiotics with special ingredients found in nature for an integrated, scientifically-backed approach to promoting gut and immune health. We know how difficult it is to find the perfect health and wellness product for your body. That’s why we’re passionate about creating products that are natural, simple and effective.

SAI Probiotics, SAI, Probiotics

How We Got Here

Founder, Akshaya Panda, has been a key member of this industry for 17 years, instrumental in the growth of probiotic pioneers like UAS Labs. Some of his past accolades include a nomination for the Best of Supplements Award at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD and a product finalist in the CPG Editor’s Choice Award at Supply Side West in Las Vegas, NV. In 2016, Akshaya began his own venture with a vision to incorporate immunomodulatory ingredients derived from nature in his supplements.

How We Do It

Our team has been dedicated to studying the scientific properties of these special ingredients to find new, innovative ways to combine them with and enhance the goodness of probiotics. We source natural, well-researched, and time tested ingredients to improve the efficacy of and synergize with the function of probiotics. This allows us to offer safe, affordable, and targeted products that take a systems approach to improving not only gut, but overall health.

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Shelf Stable
Our products can be stored at room temperature (70°F) for up to 2 years. No need for refrigeration. Our products are uniquely formulated to remain viable and efficacious while stored at room temperature (70°F) for up to two years - no refrigeration necessary.
Acid Resistant
With countless forms of probiotics on the market, ours stand out with the combination of acid and bile-resistant bacterial strains we use along with the delayed-release capsules in which they’re packaged to ensure our product reaches the gut safely
Immune Boosting
Nearly 80% of the body’s immune system lies within the gut. With your specific immune health in mind, we use potent, clinically-supported probiotic blends fortified with natural ingredients that enhance their bioavailability and effectiveness.

Send Us Your Questions and Suggestions

At SAI Probiotics LLC, we guarantee that our probiotic supplements are safe and effective. If you have further questions regarding our products, feel free to contact us. Your suggestions and comments are also welcome as we use them to improve our services. We look forward to hearing from you.